Some Things Are Just Better Together


At Communify one of our key beliefs is that we are all better together. As individuals we are pretty good, but put us in a room together and that’s when the magic really happens. We liken it to when you bring together the key ingredients of a favorite recipe, the touchstones of a tradition, or the various members of our community.

Bunnies, Eggs & Candy

Sounds like an odd combination but when it’s Easter time many people agree they are better together (who doesn’t like the Cadbury bunny?).


Hot Water, Tea & Lemon

When cold and flu season comes around (again) you’ll want these 3 things together.


Purple, Gold & Green

Around here we tend to think this is normal, but peeps from far away may not realize… these 3 colors together mean MARDI GRAS! Which is definitely better together.


You + Me

Here’s a no brainer.. you and me are obviously better together!


Chocolate, Marshmallow & Graham Crackers

A classic combination reminiscent of childhood summers spent around a campfire, melt these 3 together and you have a tasty treat!


Amanda Kaay
Written by Amanda Kaay
Design, illustrator, animator, these are just some of the hats I wear around here. I've painted since childhood and my lifelong passion for visual arts has never been stronger.

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