Putting the WE in WELCOME


The saying, “There’s no I in teamwork,” is true. Especially in a marketing relationship. As your agency, we want to help you reach your goals, learn your language, and ultimately be able to direct your marketing strategy. We want to help you focus on what’s important – your business (not your brand, website or social media). A new year is upon us and we welcome you to think about starting a new partnership that could ultimately help your business grow!

In keeping with this theme, here are some ideas on how to bring the “WE” to various parts of your day.

Putting the WE in WELLNESS

Most of us hate working out, at least sometimes. It’s hard to stay on track and push yourself alone. Try doing a group workout. There are tons of them now including CrossFit, Cypress Health, or Orange Theory or cycling classes like Romney Ride. Working out in a group atmosphere increases motivation and keeps you accountable for getting your heart pumping.

Putting the WE in WEALTH

Many people think of marketing and immediately think of the cost involved. How much will it cost me to work with you? With a smart strategy, the money you put toward marketing will surely outweigh your investment. If it doesn’t, we’re not doing our job. You can’t afford not to market yourself.

Putting the WE in WEBSITES

Your website is a living, breathing entity. It needs to be fed, bathed, and given affection or it will run away. Platforms and plugins are updated regularly and if you don’t stay up-to-date, portions of your site can stop working. Google is also constantly updating its algorithm which may affect how (or if) your website gets seen. We can help make sure it does.

Putting the WE in WEEKEND

I have lots of business owner friends that put off their marketing work to the weekends so they can actually work during the week. As your partner, we can give you your weekends back so you can spend it with friends or the people you love. After all, you deserve a break, too.

Putting the WE in KREWE

As we always say, “Everything’s better together and we're so lucky to be a part of your krewe.” We wish you an incredible holiday season and look forward to growing our existing relationships and starting new ones in 2019.

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Dustin Woehrmann
Written by Dustin Woehrmann
I landed in New Orleans and love this city full of culture and creativity. Love coffee. Love being creatively challenged. Have grown to like brussel sprouts.

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