CV-19 Week One at Communify

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And, oh what a week it was! We are figuring out our “new normal” as we work from home, cancel all those meetings that could have been emails, and let’s not lie… have moments of complete panic. We compiled a list of things that have been helping us get through COVID's impact on us. 

Daily Hangouts/Zooms (I’ve also seen them called “watercooler calls”): We all feel isolated, so these quick calls allow us to see each other, push each other to get some exercise, and quickly touch base on projects. Average call has been about 15 minutes.

Create a work space at home: Moving from couch to couch throughout the house wasn’t working for us. Finding a spot where you feel like you’re “at work” helps. Also, put headphones/AirPods in so you don’t hear distractions like the dryer going off.

What’s your morning routine? We’d suggest you get up, go for a run, have breakfast, shower, put your shoes on, do your hair (these were all suggestions from our crew)... whatever your routine looks like, do it every morning!

Stay in touch with your friends and family. They may be down the street or nowhere near you at all. Catch up with old friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Digital Happy Hour: Set a time to video chat with a friend or 5. This gives you a stop at the end of the day to blow off some steam. Alternately, try a virtual Sip n. Sketch: it's like a happy hour but with drawing prompts. 

Zoom Yoga (or preferred exercise): There are so many exercise classes being offered online now. Our friends at Romney Studios even rented out bikes to clients and created a set of classes online! Amazing.

Meal Prep: Make your food on the weekend if you’ll be working from home so you’ll have something to grab quickly when things get busy. If you’ve lost track of what day it is, that’s ok... you can cook on Tuesday also.

Schedule your day. It keeps you on-topic and less distracted if you block out periods of time for certain tasks.

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Feeling stir crazy? Us too! Here are some ideas of things to do if you find yourself with spare time.

  • Write reviews for companies that do great work and you’ve been putting off giving them props
  • Update your LinkedIn profile

  • Check out some new music, get out of your comfort zone

  • Take an online class, learn a new skill on Skillshare

  • Start a new hobby

  • Listen to a webinar. There are so many popping up on LinkedIn right now.

  • Take a virtual tour of a museum

  • Record & upload a video of your skill to teach others

  • Listen to podcasts, record your own - highly recommend Dolly Parton's America

  • Sing a song, write a song

  • Read a book, or brainstorm a creative writing project

  • Draw/paint/collage/crafts/play with art

  • Clean out your closet

  • Go for a walk. Look up hiking trails near you where there won’t be crowds.

  • Choreograph and record a Tic-tok routine

  • Meditate - Headspace is offering free meditations and free subscriptions to healthcare providers at this time

  • Watch a private concert on Facebook Live and Venmo the artist a tip

  • Make your own hand sanitizer or other household products

  • Shop small - local businesses may be offering free delivery or curbside pickup

  • Pre-buy with small businesses offering e-giftcards - support them by buying a gift card and using it at a later date  #prebuylocal

This will be a challenging time, no doubt. Take advantage of the situation to see how you can create something new for yourself and your team. Until next week...

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