Best of the 100 Day Project


100 Days came and went. Last September each team member began their own personal journey to explore 100 days of creativity. Here are our favorites from the 100 days!


100 Days of Art

BestOf100Days-favorites-amanda The 100 Day Project

I took the 100 Day Project idea and ran with the only thing I knew I would never get tired of doing - Art. Usually I paint large acrylics which take months but this forced me to be quick and spontaneous and create something every day, even if it was small. I also took it as an opportunity to explore new mediums, and use my old mediums in new ways. I started using watercolors (for the first time since childhood) because they’re so much faster, and fell in love with pen & ink drawing again. Then I realized how much I love illustrating and how much much hard work goes into it.

I’m glad I got this jump start in creativity because it has pushed me in the right direction; you can never make too much art, and consistency is the key! Inspiration comes when you are already creating, so this project forced me to jump in whether I felt like it or not. These 3 pieces each represent a small breakthrough in my painting where I even surprised myself, and learned something new about my craft.



100 Days of Colored Pencil

BestOf100Days-favorites-Beau The 100 Day Project

Adding anything new to your daily routine is very difficult, and this challenge definitely showed that. One the the hardest parts for me, other than finding time, was coming up with the content that I wanted to draw. That's why my 3 favorite posts are ones that meant a little something to me.

My post about the rain, for me, was a reminder that I always need to try my hardest to find the positive in negative situations. The next one of the smile is along the same lines. Smiling can be contagious, and I guarantee that if everyone smiled more the world would be a better place. My last favorite post was done the night Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. While this is a controversial subject for some, and I never like to talk about politics, it was a sad night for me. I also liked the way I graphically showed that. If I had to do this again I would most definitely make some changes from the beginning in what I chose, but it was a fun experiment.



100 Days of Gay History

BestOf100Days-favorites-dustin The 100 Day Project

For my 100 days, I explored LGBT history. From Tennessee's streetcar to the rainbow flag's origin to the Ruveal of Drag Race, it was fun experimenting with different mediums to tell our backstory. Some drawings were done with pastels, some cutouts and some a mix of paint and ink pen.

The challenge for me, that I was not expecting, was that a lot of our LGBT history is not happy or uplifting, making it hard to find facts that worked for what I was trying to accomplish. I only made it 41 days through the 100, but had a great experience!



100 Days of Sketchy People

BestOf100Days-favorites-Phil The 100 Day Project

I’ve always had a desire to learn how to draw people from my imagination. The gas mask photo was drawn with a ballpoint pen around Halloween. I enjoyed this because each stroke had to be deliberate, as there's no erasing pen. The hair shot was also from imagination but because there were no facial features, I had to get the "punk" idea from other areas. The eye was my first attempt at photo-realism, and while I had an inspirational photo, I spent great care with shadows and highlights. Plus, the "pickle" highlight in the eye was a dedication to Dustin on his birthday!



100 Days of Appreciation

BestOf100Days-favorites-Ryan The 100 Day Project


I wasn’t very successful with this challenge (I made it for 9 days I think). But when I did focus long enough to enjoy the point of this exercise, I was (and still am) very thankful for everything in my life in the moment. These 3 still resonate the most. 1. I will always love and appreciate a good sunset; I can never get enough of them. 2. My 2016 professional life was very hard (but rewarding) and in the moment, I took a second to appreciate that my coworkers are working just as hard or harder than I am. That's important to recognize. 3. Represents when I started to fall behind. To catch me up, Dustin said to draw 9 things I appreciate (in 20 minutes).

I enjoyed exploring and identifying some things I knew I appreciated and found a few random things I hadn't really thought about (Weirdness & Whitney!)


BestOf100Days-squares The 100 Day Project

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