5 Contemporary NOLA Painters You Should Follow


Although I don’t live in New Orleans myself, I get a certain artist vibe from this city. It's no wonder NOLA is a hot bed for artistic expression; it’s the kind of environment a painter flourishes in. A little grit, a lot of history, music that touches your soul, culture that seeps into every experience, architecture that sparks your imagination, and welcoming, really great people are what draws in an artist and allows their expression to flow. Here’s a short list of some of the painter’s I’ve been following since my first visit to New Orleans: my favorites being the ones that have great insta accounts, since I can’t go see them in person.

1. Sean Friloux

Working in watercolor, oil, and charcoal, this New Orleans based painter’s moody, atmospheric landscapes, street scenes and portraits get me every time. His captivating use of light makes the scene seem to emerge out of the darkness with just the right amount of detail in just the right places.


2. Anna Kincaide

Watching Anna's paintings evolve as her style becomes even more refined over the last few years has been awe-inspiring. Her latest women with flower heads are sublime and I adore everything she does!


3. Kevin Gillentine

In a word, atmosphere! If Kevin’s ethereal paintings of sky and landscape don’t make you feel something deep inside you, I don’t know what will. His gallery on Magazine St. is a fixture in the New Orleans art scene; I wish I could go there right now to stare at his dreamy creations, but for today his Instagram will have to do.


4. Sean Randall

You can really see the New Orleans influence on this modern painter’s work in the faces he paints and the stories he creates. This year he was commissioned by Nola Media Group, producers of Nola.com / The Times-Picayune as part of its tricentennial project, 300 for 300: People who make New Orleans, New Orleans. I absolutely love his palette-knife work and use of color in those faces!


5. Jeremy Mangerchine

If you’re a fan of abstract art, Jeremy Mangerchine is definitely one to follow. His layered, brightly colored, abstract paintings draw you in and spit you out. Reminiscent of well-loved architecture showing layers of paint, each work leaves an impression of a particular time and place that will not easily be dissolved.

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Amanda Kaay
Written by Amanda Kaay
Design, illustrator, animator, these are just some of the hats I wear around here. I've painted since childhood and my lifelong passion for visual arts has never been stronger.

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